Nothing kills your excitement for a race

like a totally craptastic run. Yesterday I did workout A and B of my Best Body Bootcamp from Tina. But 5 miles on the schedule today in my mind meant despite having sore, heavy legs from lots of squats and weights, I had to get out and do it.

I worked from home today and had a very frustrating morning of not making any progress, so I was convinced the run would help me. Heading out for 5 miles, the first mile felt icky (always does for me). Its all good, I thought, it will get better. But it didnt. It was my slowest 5 mile run in months. In face, my pace for these 5 miles was SLOWER than my pace for 12.5 miles on Saturday.

I know this doesn’t negate all the work I’ve done, and it doesn’t mean I will have a shitty race. But I am starting to think that I might need to start my taper now, instead of Monday. Maybe only 2 more 3 mile runs this week, then 10 miles on Sunday (as opposed to another 5 miler and a 3 miler). Maybe that will change my attitude and make me feel better!

  1. erocksrunning said: Sometimes you just have shitty runs. At least you got out there and moved! Next one will be better :)
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